Pro Shop Services

Bow Setup

  • Nocking Point
  • D-Loop
  • Peep Sight
  • Sight Mounting
  • Rest Mounting and Center Shot
  • Basic Timing and Paper Tuning

Bow Tuning and String Changes

  • We tune all brand bows and crossbows.
  • String Changes; pick out your custom set of strings and cables.

Arrow Builds

Each arrow build is done off of bare shafts in order to completely customize to our customer. We take pride in the efforts we take to give our customers the precision build they deserve. Shipping is available.  

Some of our services explained:

ARROWS CUT TO LENGTH : this service includes locating/identifying any straightness defects in uncut full length carbon shaft ends prior to cutting. Second, is to cut out these defects on either end or both ends of shaft to insure your final cut to length carbon shaft is as straight as possible.

ARROW SQUARING : this service includes sanding/ squaring the rough cut to length carbon shafts on both the nock ends and insert ends to insure concentricity with components such as a nock/ nock bushing and or insert that make contact with the carbon ends of shaft. We also square the insert where the arrow point and or broad head is screwed into. This will insure concentricity between the point and insert.

ARROW INDEXING : This service will identity the natural bend of a carbon arrow. Once located, we place a mark on the arrow and fletch in line with that mark this way the shooter can nock their arrow consistently on the string and place there arrow on arrow rest the same way every time to insure a more consistent point of impact.

Please consider this....The arrow is similar to a bullet. It's a projectile that hits the target intended. If you were sighting in your expensive custom made rifle for competition or a hunt of a lifetime. Would you sight in with an inconsistent round of ammunition built with an inconsistent grain bullet and inconsistent powder charge?Archery is about consistency. If the archer is consistent and there equipment is consistent, they will have a more consistent shot group.

  • Firenock AeroConcept (see below)

Lost a fletching? Bring in your arrow and we will use our laser alignment tool to fix it without having to strip down the whole arrow

Firenock components


AeroConcept system

AeroConcept Insert System not only can strengthen and stiffen your arrow front end, AeroConcept System can make your arrow shaft having a variable spine. As a result of AeroConcept System / variable spine, your arrow oscillation cycle can be shortened (i.e. stop flexing and become straight) and your arrow can fly flatter, straighter than arrow without AeroConcept System and can even enter into Gyro spin if fletched with Aerovane II / III. 

AeroConcept Carbon Inner Tube

Firenock AeroConcept Carbon Inner Tubes are made of high modulus carbon tube with 6 inches length.  These tubes are specially made to mate with AeroInsert-D, AeroInsert-H, AeroConcept Points to form AeroConcept System.  The AeroConcept system can strengthen and stiffen (i.e. increase spine) the arrow front end without adding much weight to the entire arrow shaft.  The AeroConcept System makes the arrow having a variable spine and causes Harmonic Dampening leading to oscillation cancellation (i.e. arrow stops flexing and becomes straight). Moreover, precise weight adjustment of the entire arrow can be achieved by adjusting the length of the carbon inner tube (e.g. a longer tube = greater weight and strength and faster arrow straightness recovery or vice versa. 


AeroOutsert™ is specifically made for ultra thin arrow.  AeroOutsert is made of high quality forged 7075-T7 Aluminum and equipped with US Patented Blood Channels for perfect concentricity and minimum wedging effect.  AeroOutsert was proven to outperform common 0.165"-0.1665” size arrow insert/half-out inserts as neck point and threads of common outserts are mostly likely to be off concentric. 


AeroBushing™ is loaded with the Self Concentric Technology, Square in a Circle Technology, and Reverse Tapered Collar Technology to address the need for ultra lightweight and consistent archery projectiles on the nock side. 


AeroPoint takes arrow performance to an all new level as AeroPoint will align itself concentrically to one's arrow once it is assembled.  AeroPoint is easy to install as a result of our patented Double O-ring System / FACT Technology. 

Firenock Lighted Nocks

Firenock LLC brings missile arming technology and reliability of modern electronics to the archery industry.  Firenock has successfully developed the ultra mini "G" switch which this mini G switch employed the same technology used for the 2nd stage arming switch in modern missiles and also for air bags in cars. 

Firenock Titanium Bolt Kit Upgrade

 Firenock Titanium Bolt kit upgrades your bow's original heavy and rust-able bolts, screws and cam stops into Titanium ones.  All bolts, screws and cam stops in the upgrade kits are made of high-grade Titanium with the highest desired accuracy and are about half of weight of the original ones on your bow and they will never rust. 

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