Bow Lines


Prime Archery

2019 Models in stock! click here 

PSE Archery

2019 Models are on order! click here

Xpedition Archery

Full line of 2019 Xpedition Archery compound bows. Some 2018 models still available. click here

Darton Archery

 2019 Models in stock! click here

Crossbow Lines

Scorpyd Crossbows

                        Fastest crossbow on the market, currently in stock! 


Product Lines


Lancaster Archery Supply and Kinsey's

 We are authorized dealers for both Lancaster Archery Supply and Kinsey's 

Black Eagle Arrows

Full line of Hunting and 3D arrow shafts

Sword Sights and Tree Limb Quivers

 Hunting and Competition sights, Hunting bow quivers 


Authorized Firenock dealer; full line of arrow components including the AeroConcept system, lighted nocks, AeroStab and many others

We are an approved Lancaster Archery Dealer

We carry arrows in store but if we do not have current stock of the arrows you are looking for, we can get them!

Precision Arrow Builds

We take the time to build our customer arrows to an extreme standard. We strive to have arrows with matching grain weight, balance, and spine alignment. This will provide the shooter with the best chance for success, accuracy and consistancy.

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Black Eagle

Superior Technology

.001 straightness or straighter

+/- 1 grain weight tolerance

+/- .010 spine deviation across dozen

Hunting Arrows

Carnivore, Zombie Slayer, Outlaw, Spartan, Rampage, Renegade, Deep Impact

Target Arrows

Challenger, PS23, PS26, Magnum, X-Impact