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Our Story

Where it all began...


I apologize for the length of this but it’s definitely worth the read!

Mark and I met through my father and work, well mowing of course. If you know either of us well, you know that all we do is hunt, fish and mow grass. I believe it was spring of 2012 that we hopped in his RAM and hit the road to check out our mowing contracts. Little did either of us know that it was the beginning of quite the friendship. We spent several hours riding around that day and the one thing that kept coming up was big bucks. Stories were told about previous experiences, hunting trips and memories. After only being together for a few hours we were already starting to plan a trip to Ohio. 

In the fall of 2013 we did just that! We packed up all our stuff and made the trip to Killbuck, Ohio (ironic isn’t it). We hunted hard all week but luck wasn’t on our side. 1 deer was brought back to camp out of 7 guys. There were some lost opportunities, long searches with no happy ending, utter disappointment and overall slow deer movement. That being said if you ask those 7 guys how the trip went, they would tell you great! “We had an amazing time!” It’s not always about the rack on the wall but about how you get there, the camaraderie shared and the memories made, both good and bad. Stories were told, sleepless nights from heartbreak and the outrageous snoring of many grown men. If you have ever been at deer camp you can find the humor in; “I brought the earplugs, come and get um”

I have been self filming my hunts just about my whole career. Handycam bolted to the stabilizer, to dragging my families 30 pound tape video recorder in the woods, building a few versions of my own camera arm. Somewhere I have all that old footage piled away. Finally I splurged and bought a good camera and spent hours in the garage with my dad and the welder making a nice arm from left over stock. I have hours and hours of footage, mostly myself talking to the camera. I haven’t had much time or the right program to edit it all. I’m not even sure why I did it. I do know that my kids are gonna be bored out of their mind when I sit them down to watch all of it!

Fast forward to now, we have thought out and planned so many “future” trips...just waiting for it all to come together. What can we do in the meantime? We both talk way to passionately and obsessively about the outdoors, mostly deer hunting. Mark was looking for how he do something more challenging and I have been looking for a camera man for years! Jess (my beautiful wife) wouldn’t agree to it for some reason. He flat out asked me one day, do you want to team up and film each other? My answer; “Hey lets start a TV show!” as always taking it once step to far, to obsessive. 

We starting coming up with all these plans of how we could go about it, gear we needed to buy, gear we was endless. Next was what do we name the show? We went back and forth quite a bit...finally I said hey what about Dawn Thru Dusk TV? so we approached Vinnie to see if he would be interested in teaming up with us. We could use an offshoot of his shop’s name Dawn Thru Dusk Bow Addiction in Walden, NY (free plug) and we would rep his equipment and shop on the show. Naturally since Vinnie, Mark and I are basically the same person with this hunting addiction he agreed. 

We have an incurable obsession, addiction and passion for the outdoors. We were raised by our fathers to have nothing but respect and compassion for the animals we hunt. We are conservationists, sportsmen, fishermen, and hunters. We believe in leaving our mark on the land we hunt and making it better than it was when we arrived. 

This is just the beginning of our next adventure!

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